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Learn more about two novels of interest titled Acts of Desperation and Purgatory by Tim Dodge.


Gain access to working samples of non-fiction literature in order to expand your knowledge of the world.


"The Greek Side of Things" highlights topics with intriguing individuals and short stories in public domain.


This website is to acknowledge (but not affiliated to) Tim Dodge, who lives near Syracuse, New York. He is a writer that also produces his own podcast. Tim has authored several technical papers, the most of them deal with insurance. He has received many accolades for his work in the past. For his employer, he maintains the Ask Tim insurance technical blog and occasionally serves as the host of the accompanying Ask Tim podcast.

Novel Reviews

  • goodreads.com

    Expect a fun read with engaging characters and a dash of sci-fi.

  • sterlinglawyers.com
    Acts of Desperation

    This was such a great fiction piece. I will be recommending to my friends!


Acts of Desperation

Ray Davis recently got divorced, is working a dead-end warehouse job, and has virtually paid off the debts accrued by his ex-wife. Ray is then forced to raise a significant amount of cash quickly due to his uninsured brother's need for a heart transplant.


Rich real estate developer Charles Cunningham abruptly passes away and ends up in Purgatory, a realm halfway between heaven and hell. He becomes friends with two other spirits serving time there while being sad over his premature demise.