Acts of Desperation Episode #1

acts-of-desperation-cover-smWelcome to episode #1!


A family crisis and problems at work force Ray Davis to make a hard decision.


I Should Be Writing

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3 Responses to Acts of Desperation Episode #1

  1. Dad says:

    Tim how do you get to read the book? I can’t seem to bring it up.

  2. tdodge says:

    Dad, Click on the triangle above where it says “AUDIO MP3” to listen to it, or click on the Download link in my January 8 post to download a PDF file containing the text of episode #1. The recording of episode #3 and the PDF of episode #2 will be up by tomorrow morning.

  3. dcashley says:

    Just listened to installment #1 and am really enjoying it. Thanks!

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