The Zombie Connection

I went to Dragon*Con (aka “Geekstock”) in Atlanta, Georgia Labor Day weekend. I had a good time at my first one last year, but this year was ten times better. I knew more people, I knew the lay of the land a little better (other than the Marriott, which may be the most confusing hotel on earth when there’s 10,000 people in it), and went to some terrific panels. I also attended the Parsec Awards, which honors the best in speculative fiction podcasting and something I would be thrilled to win someday.

After the awards ceremony, several of us gathered in the room at the Hilton occupied by Chooch and Viv, P.G. Holyfield and Patrick McLean for post-Parsec revelry. At some point, Kim the Comic Book Goddess and Patrick decided to write a song about zombies, set to the tune of The Rainbow Connection, a song made famous by Kermit the Frog in the first Muppet Movie. If you know Kim, you know that she never goes anywhere without her guitar, and she’s let me play it more than once. While she and Patrick ground out new lyrics, I worked out the chords to the song, and after 30 minutes, everyone was ready. Because this was a room full of podcasters, something like 18 Zoom H2s suddenly appeared, lest this moment somehow not get captured for posterity. And so it was, with Kim providing the vocals and yours truly accompanying on her guitar.

Here for your listening enjoyment is the world premiere, live, unplugged, undubbed, unpolished, un… well, you get the idea. The Zombie Connection. Enjoy.

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