Purgatory Episode #11

Purgatory cover final smSummary

Terry decodes the message; Billy gives Terry his orders; Terry sets up Abby’s murder and Ellen’s double-cross; Poe falters, and things grow tense between Charles and him.


Movie Mantras


Loop-o-plane, Kicked in the head by a horse, Tristan and Isolde, and Root beer meteor shower by Jeff Wahl
Prelude No. 22 in C Major by Jan Hanford

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  1. Stephanie's Mom says:

    I’m almost done with Acts of Desperation and am VERY anxiously awaiting Purgatory Espisode #12…gosh, I hope you’re writing another book…I REALLY enjoy them both. I thought when you first introduced Poe that maybe I wouldnt like it because I tend to rebel against listening or hearing about history and an old, famous writer?? (long story and I’ll spare you) but i LOVE it! Both books have such great concepts and are so intriguing! Heard about ya on JC Hutchins 7th Son podcast and sooo glad I did :). Thanks!!!!

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