Purgatory Episode #13 — The Music of Purgatory, Part 1

No story this week, just a little bit of chatting from me and lots of excellent music from the podcast.

Loop-o-Plane by Jeff Wahl from his CD Guinevere
Prelude No. 22 in C Major
by Jan Hanford from her CD 24 Preludes for Solo Piano
Waltz for the Broken-Hearted
by Jeff Wahl from Guinevere
The Light (Part II) by Justin Bianco from his CD Blackbird
Leaving the Theatre by Ehren Starks from his CD Lines Build Walls
Meant to Be by Rob Costlow from his CD Woods of Chaos
Tristan and Isolde by Jeff Wahl from Guinivere
Abby’s Theme by Tim Dodge
Kicked in the Head by a Horse by Jeff Wahl from Guinivere
Root Beer Meteor Shower by Jeff Wahl from Guivivere

I announce the winner of the Billy’s Purgatory Playlist contest!

Another music episode is coming in two weeks. This one will feature the holiday music of PURGATORY, plus a Christmas essay.

Promo: Digital Magic by Philippa Ballantine

Thanks for listening!

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One Response to Purgatory Episode #13 — The Music of Purgatory, Part 1

  1. Alex says:

    Congrats to the winner! (no name because I don’t want to spoil the surprise…)

    We want to see a picture of you wearing the shirt 😉

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