Scott Sigler’s ANCESTOR In Stores Tomorrow

He’s ba-a-a-a-ck…and he wants to scare you. Badly. Yes folks, Scott Sigler, AKA the FDO, AKA General Siglerisimo, AKA Pope Siglericus XXX, hits bookstores again on June 22 with the hard cover release of ANCESTOR. Some of you may have listened to the podcast version of ANCESTOR or bought the paperback version published by Dragon Moon Press in 2007. I’m not one of them, and I’ve purposely avoided even glancing at the PDF of the DMP version so as to avoid spoilers, though I understand that Scott has rewritten the book.

For a hint of what you’ll find between the book covers, give a listen to the trailer and/or watch the video, then get to your favorite bookstore or online bookseller tomorrow and pick up a copy. In addition to being a greatly disturbed individual who has assured all his listeners on multiple occasions that he plans to kill them, Scott has given away some terrific fiction over the last several years. This is our chance to say thanks and give him a little support. I have a gift card that I’ve been reserving for just this occasion.

And remember, if it doesn’t sell, he may do for your hometown what he did to Detroit at the end of CONTAGIOUS. No pressure.

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  2. Scott Sigler says:

    Tim, thanks for the props!!

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