Atoning for Dragon*Con at the Gym

As I relayed in mind-numbing detail in my last post, I was pretty busy at Dragon*Con this year (kind of like I am every year.) Dragon*Con is full of interesting people, informative panels, good music, costumes, shopping, and chances to rub elbows with some accomplished writers and performers. It’s also full of fast food, not-so-fast but calorie-laden food, and drink. Lots and lots of all three.

I haven’t dared step on a scale since I got home.

I joined a gym last fall. That pesky 50th birthday was looming ever closer, and I had the sense that, if I didn’t make an effort to get in shape then, I never would. Also, a few friends who are active gym members actually got me thinking about a gym membership, something I’d never considered before.

Lastly, in June 2010 I was invited to play in a golf tournament organized by the local independent insurance agents association. It was a good time, a good chance to network, and I’m glad I went (my play was, shall we say, consistent.) One of the souvenirs of the day was a plastic coffee travel mug with photos of each player’s foursome on it, including shots of the individual driving the ball. The photos of me are not flattering. The word “blob” comes to mind every time I see that mug.

For these reasons, I decided to get off my ever-expanding derriére and hit the treadmill. I’ve been a regular since November 1, and the results so far have been decent. Prior to this year’s Dragon*Con, my weight had dropped 15.5 pounds from the time the travel mug photos were taken. According to the Body Mass Index charts, I need to lose another 20, though I think I’d look and feel pretty good if I lost 15. In any case, this work in progress is still a work in progress. And I didn’t progress much at Dragon*Con. I made it to the hotel’s exercise room on the Friday the con started, but that was it. The other three days: Fun, learning, food and drink.

Starting last Friday, I decided to workout every day for 14 days to undo some of the damage I did in Atlanta. That doesn’t necessarily mean the gym; I’ve mapped out a running route of 4.25 miles that begins and ends at my house, so if I get a nice day this weekend, I’ll do that again. However, I have hit the gym every day since Friday (for those of you counting at home, that’s six days.) My routine is to go after I get out of work, so today will be number seven. Barring any unforeseen events, I think I can meet the goal of 14 straight days. Then I’ll take one day off. One.

And maybe get back on the scale again.

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