The First Draft is Done!

I neglected to post that I finally finished the first draft of my ghost hunter novel two weeks ago. As you might imagine, it was quite a relief to get it done. This book took much longer than the last two. I’m happy with what I have so far, but I also know that it needs a lot of work.

My plan now is to write a couple of short stories, then start the rewrite process on the book. Coming up with a good title is also on the agenda. I always have trouble with titles, so that will be a project.

Nevertheless, the first major step is finished. That’s one New Year’s resolution to cross off the list…

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2 Responses to The First Draft is Done!

  1. Bill Pfohl says:

    Congrats! And good for you Tim. Many people believe that a person who writes for a living can easily turn out a story or book off hours or on their own time. I think it’s much harder to sit back down in front of a computer after working all day and try to be creative. I admire the discipline it took to do this and I wish you well with it.
    BTW, check out David Sparks commentary on sell publishing vs traditional on the Podcast “Mac Power Users” (episode #59 iPad at Work) his decision to go the traditional route was pretty convincing.
    Nice meeting in person yesterday.

  2. tdodge says:

    Thanks, Bill! It was nice meeting you, too. I’ll definitely give that podcast a listen.

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