Podcast Extra — Jennisodes Episode 79: Marketing

This podcast is essential listening if you are a writer, illustrator, musician, artist, or any other creative content producer who is trying to reach an audience. It’s from the Jennisodes podcast, which I discovered a couple of weeks ago. It’s quickly become one of my favorites, added to my already too-long list of podcast subscriptions.

In this episode, she interviews public relations professional Joshua Logan Seideman. Some of you may know that public relations is one of the many hats I wear at my day job, so I was especially interested in this one. The conversation surrounds the topic of marketing a game (Jennisodes is a podcast devoted to role playing games, after all,) but his points are valuable to anyone who is trying to get their work noticed. I listened to it once yesterday while walking my dog and driving to work (not at the same time,) and I plan to listen to it again when I can scribble down some notes.

Whether or not you have an interest in RPG’s, I highly recommend Jenn’s podcast simply because every week she gets fascinating guests to interview. This week’s episode features the two attorneys who do the Law Of The Geek podcast. Again, the talk was about the legal aspects of game design and marketing, but they made some very interesting points about contracts with illustrators and other outside content creators. As someone who is contemplating self-publishing, I had not given this any thought, which is especially bad since I spend much of my time on the day job reading contracts. Even if you decide not to bother with a formal contract, you should be aware of the implications of that decision, so I strongly recommend you give that show a listen.

So much to listen to, so little time…

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  1. Jenn says:

    I had a lot of fun with this interview. I learned a lot about marketing your game and how to promote it at conventions and online! I’m glad you enjoyed the show and have many more interviews coming out soon!

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