Random Thoughts For a Thursday in Mid-August

What does one think about while sipping coffee at 6:00 a.m. on a mid-August morning (aside from, “I’d rather be asleep right now”)?

  • To state the obvious, this has been a brutally hot summer. The last few days have brought some cooler temperatures, but for much of the last two months, the humidity machine has been working overtime. I love summer, but the cooler temps are a relief.
  • I can’t help thinking about Elvis, who departed this world 35 years ago today. It was one of the first “milestone” events I’m old enough to remember.
  • My recovery from Olympics withdrawal continues apace. With effort, by next week I’ll be able to stop humming the theme music NBC played during its coverage.
  • Only 14 days until I leave for Dragon*Con!
  • My Geek Side of Life podcast has been on a bit of a hiatus. I recorded a short story the other day and plan to get at least four or five more recorded soon so I can get back to a regular release schedule. I’m also brainstorming possible interview subjects. Ideally, once September hits, I’d like to release new episodes every two weeks for at least the rest of 2012.
  • This has been a lost summer for Red Sox fans.
  • I had a great four-day reunion last week with my college roomies. Just like every other year, it went way too fast and I’m left anxiously looking forward to next year.
  • I registered for two races this month. The first, a four-mile run through Syracuse’s south side, was last Saturday. I turned in a mediocre time of 40:15 (my pace has slipped from a nine-minute mile to 10.) The next one is a 5K in Syracuse’s Inner Harbor a week from Sunday, and I hope to return to better form for that one.
  • I’ve been contacting book bloggers to see if they’ll review Purgatory. Only a couple of takers so far. Apparently, I’m not the only person with this idea. Book bloggers get deluged with requests like mine.
  • I turned 51 last month. Am still in denial about my age starting with a 5.
  • I’m a politics junkie, but this year’s campaign has turned me off in a major way. If this is what passes for discussion about America’s future, then we will all be supremely uninformed on Election Day. Whoever wins the election will have half the country hating him because of the things his opponent said (and because of some of the things he said.)
  • If this is Thursday, that can only mean that the weekend starts tomorrow!

I’m out of coffee. Time to start the day. What are you thinking about today?

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