Micro Short Story: A Dungeons & Dragons Christmas Story

This is a new story that I whipped up yesterday, for your holiday reading pleasure.

A Dungeons & Dragons Christmas Story

The situation looked hopeless. I was surrounded on all sides by a snarling horde. I had no magic spells left, and I carried no sword, not even a dagger. My hard-fought-for treasures were in jeopardy. Trying my best to think despite the sound of what must have been some kind of singing, I glanced to my left. To my dismay, I found the aisle blocked. To my right, three members of the horde bore down on me with fully-loaded wagons. The realization sank in that I would be trapped in this strange land, never to return to my home.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from above, distracting my adversaries, and a small opening appeared in the crowd. Seizing my treasures, I summoned my last ounce of strength and all of my 14 points of Dexterity, charging through the space before it could close again. Relief swarmed over me as I saw, standing mere yards away, one who would grant passage out of this land to my treasures and me. She was a quiet young maiden who methodically examined my belongings, nodded, and handed me a piece of parchment. I offered my thanks, shoved the parchment inside my robe, and made great haste to my transport. Once there, I breathed deeply and rose my eyes to the heavens, thankful for my narrow escape.

And that’s how I got out of Wegmans on the day before Christmas Eve.

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