The Great Agent Hunt is Underway

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve queried 13 literary agents about my ghost hunter novel. To date, I’ve heard back from four of them. Three were the all-to-familiear “dear author” email — this-project-is-not-right-for-us, etc. However, one did send a request for the full manuscript, which I sent out the same day. I’ll take that batting average.

As Mur Lafferty said in a recent podcast, rejections are part of the writer’s job. If you’re not getting rejections, you’re neglecting your work. I’m not going to say that I really enjoyed finding a rejection email in my inbox first thing this morning, but I’ve received enough so that I can feel disappointed for a few minutes, sigh, note the response in the spreadsheet I use to track submissions, and move on. I’d like to start by querying at least 20 agents, so I have more to send out.

How many rejections have you received lately? How do you deal with them? Get the conversation rolling in the comments.

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  1. Travis Shuman says:

    As a Canadian, I’ve been trying to stay in my own ‘turf’, so to speak, for my first novel. Unfortunately, there are only about a dozen or so legitimate agencies in Canada and I’ve been rejected from 4 (never heard back from the other 3). I’m going to be jumping the border now as my superhero novel is part of a very small and specific market and hopefully that’s been the reason for my rejections, as the agencies have claimed.

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