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What do you mean, you don’t have any left in stock?!

So, we’re once again neck deep in the holiday season. I always feel like days this time of year come at me in a rush. In the space of just a few weeks, I have:

  • My sons coming home for Thanksgiving
  • Gathering with my family on Thanksgiving
  • Cutting down and setting up a Christmas tree
  • Saying goodbye to my boys again as they head back to college/law school
  • My brother’s birthday (he lives hours away from me, but it’s still something I mark every December)
  • My oldest son’s birthday
  • The monthly library board meetings
  • Annual events, such as parties, concerts, work events that always happen in December
  • Scrambling to come up with halfway decent gift ideas for the members of my family
  • Buying (or attempting to buy) said gifts
  • My sons come home again
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas
  • Saying goodbyes again
  • New Year’s

I’ve probably forgotten a few things, too. Outside of that, I owe a freelance article to a newsletter, and I’m trying to get on track with my current novel. I also have to keep marketing the ghost hunter novel and start brainstorming about the eventual print/ebook publication of ACTS OF DESPERATION. Other than that, I’m bored. </sarcasm>

December is both the most wonderful and the most stressful time of the year. I have to force myself to step back and remember that these are good things, no matter how tiring and stressful they can be. I probably put too much pressure on myself to get people just the right gift (unique, but not too unique; something they like, but not something they expect; something useful but not boring, etc., etc.) I can and have driven myself nuts during the holiday season.

So, this year:

  • I’m playing Christmas CD’s in my office every day at work
  • I’m endeavoring to read Bible passages during each day of Advent (“endeavoring,” I said)
  • I’m watching TV Christmas specials that I really like and disregarding the rest (I never miss A Charlie Brown Christmas if I can help it)
  • I’m taking time to enjoy the holiday light displays
  • I’m loving watching my 11 month-old puppy discover snow. He had the best time of his life during the Great Christmas Tree Hunt last week

I’m hardly alone in having a very busy month. What do you have going on? How do you make time to relax and enjoy it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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