A Blogger’s Lament

No Ideas

It’s been too long since I have made an entry on this site
And of great creativity I will not deign to boast
For in those stolen moments when jot some thoughts I might,
I find myself without ideas for what I’d like to post.

Oh sure, I could regale you ’bout my trips both near and far
Or vent about public affairs, with all their saints and sinners
Or treat you to another sappy post about my car
Or share pics of the mac and cheese that tonight I had for dinner.

A list of things – that always works! – yes, that could be the answer
Or videos of things absurd or photos of my dog
Or breathtaking accounts of how I bought three pair of pants — er,
Maybe that would make for just a very boring blog.

Perhaps I could opine at length with thoughts on Gamergate
Or share the pics from Pinterest of sugar-free granola
Or, to prove I’m Very Serious, I could at length create
An uninformed but passionate lament about Ebola.

The pressure’s on, I must devise a work of weighty matter
A story with a moral, like the one of Eve and Adam
For if I don’t give value but instead give mindless patter
I’ll lose my faithful readers (that’s assuming that I had ’em.)

Oh, elusive inspiration, I so wish I had you now
The words would spill forth on the page, and this would be the log
Of undisputed brilliance, and to me all scribes would bow,
But I can’t think of anything of which I’d like to blog.

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