Smokey Writers 2016 – Day 6

novelWe’re in the home stretch here at Smokey Writers. I had a terrible time getting going yesterday. I made the mistake of checking my work email for a few minutes, which set me back. I didn’t do any actual day job work; a colleague from a committee I’m part of needed a link to a court decision (he called and asked for it on Tuesday), so I re-sent him that email. However, the temptation to skim my messages proved irresistible. I did it just long enough to remind myself why I’m on vacation.

If I was home, I would have attended church services on either Holy Thursday or Good Friday or both. Since I’m ensconced in the mountains, I tried to compensate by listening to St. John’s Passion by Bach as I worked yesterday. Not quite the same, but it did remind me that Smokey Writers isn’t the only thing happening this week that’s important to me. (Of course, everyone in the house is aware of the horrible events in Brussels this week.)

After a start that was a little bit slower than pulling molars, I picked up some momentum and ended the day with 2,408 words written. In regular life, I’d be doing cartwheels over that kind of production, but it felt like an off day here. Today is the last writing day, and I really want to crack the 5,000 mark again.

Several people have hit their goals this week. K.T. Bryski has written a short story every day. Tee Morris finished his work in progress yesterday. Christine McDonnell somehow managed to write 30,000 words in five days. Foo Borregaard pushed 8,900 words yesterday. Beyond sheer quantity, the material I’ve heard in the nightly readings has been terrific. I am so proud to have spent a week writing with all of these great people.

Last night was fairly quiet. Some gaming, and I got to watch my Syracuse University Orange eek out a win over Gonzaga in men’s college basketball. I expect that we will have one last great night tonight.

Tomorrow is Easter, and we have to vacate in the morning. My last Smokey Writers blog post might not appear for a few days. Until then, I Should Be Writing.

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