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Christine McDonnell

So, a year ago this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine McDonnell, a writer from Virginia, at my first Smoky Writers retreat. Christine is a word-production machine – I really don’t know how she does it. I was happy with 18,000 words at the 2016 retreat and 22,000 this year. Christine breezily knocked off 36,000 last year and another 31,000 this year. In six days.

She also just happens to be a lovely person who helps make Smoky Writers special. And she has generously contributed a post for this blog! Her contact information is below – give her post a read and check out her pages and her work.

Christine, the floor is yours ….

Ever had a time when you wanted to finish something – wanted it with ever fiber of your being – but needed a kick in the pants to get it done? What happens if no one else could give you that kick in the pants?

This is my endless struggle. Balancing a professional day job with a relationship AND a secondary writing career on top of that – It can be rather exhausting.


You guys feel me, right?

For me, motivation has to be more than a physical reward or reason. You have to want it internally too. There has to be a need to finish your project, a wild desire or fantastic dream to propel you forward. Without that drive, good luck on remaining motivated.

Currently, here’s what’s lined up this year:

  • Spending my first year without my best friend, who has been my kick in the pants for years.
  • Cross Training at #dayjob for two months this summer
  • Posting at least 2x a month on my website/blog
  • The Chaos Accounts stories I will be releasing need to be written (7+ more this year)
  • Promoting aforementioned Chaos Accounts stories NON-STOP
  • Finishing my ‘secret’ project
  • Pick back up my two Youtube Channels (one a vlog channel, another a Nightcore remix/AMV channel)
  • Returning to Ravencon in Williamsburg as a RETURNING author panelist for Year #2

AND to top it off, that secret needs a first draft, a few betas/editors, TONS of editing (though every author needs TONS of editing, so that’s a given), and then post-production coordination.

My motivation?

Wanting it more than anything else.

Ever since publishing my first short story in 2012, I’ve considered my writing as a second career. I didn’t consider upgrading to full author ‘status’ until the release of “The Protektor’s Reality” in 2014.

Writing has been my passion and obsession for over 13 years now, and I’m inching closer and closer to my dream of finally seeing my book on a bookstore shelf one day. That dream, along with my uncle and best friend cheering me on up above, is what keeps me motivated, keeps me making videos, keeps me writing, keeps me sane within the insanity that is my crammed, stress-filled life.

So, to answer the question I posed at the beginning of this post: sometimes, you have to kick yourself in the pants.

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You can find me at the below links. Keep Faith, everyone.

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