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How To Get Unstuck

Are you feeling stuck, at least in some areas of your life? I know that I always feel like there’s some part of my life that’s not progressing the way I think it should be. Writing, weight loss goals, career … Continue reading

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Farewell to the Thin White Duke

Sometimes, this blog feels like a series of obituaries for musicians I’ve admired. I guess part of getting older is seeing your old favorites pass away. So it is again today, with the news of David Bowie’s death from cancer … Continue reading

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On Understanding Other People

He wouldn’t stop talking. He was average height, with a gray beard and hair. He wore glasses and a Bluetooth device over his right ear. When I teach a class, I’m normally the only man in the room wearing a … Continue reading

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For Your Late Summer Reading Pleasure

With just one week left until Labor Day, there’s still time to sneak in some good summer reading. Courtesy of, here is a list of 10 summer books. Take a look and discuss in the comments what they got … Continue reading

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The Art of Juggling Writing Projects

Photo by Gabriel Rojas Hruska. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license. Tee Morris discusses a problem that most of us struggle with – too many projects going on: You’ve got project upon project, and suddenly you are at … Continue reading

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Science Made Fun by Mary Roach

One of the great things about living in Syracuse is the Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series. A fundraiser for the Friends of the Central Library, the series brings in six authors a year, spaced throughout the fall and spring, to give … Continue reading

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On Our Devotion To Sports Teams

The axe fell on my beloved Syracuse University Orange men’s basketball team last Friday. After an investigation that commenced when my oldest son was a high school senior (he is now a practicing attorney,) the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s committee … Continue reading

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Awards, and Why My Insecure Mind Wants Them

          Chuck Wendig has a good take on the annual awards season in which we are now knee-deep: Awards are not infallible. The best book will not always win an award. The best book sometimes won’t … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers

I think this is a wonderful story from The Moth. A celebrity reaches out to a stranger and does a very nice thing just when the stranger needs it most. This particular celebrity had a reputation for being a prickly … Continue reading

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Too Many Main Characters?

I have a problem with the novel I’m writing, and I think David Farland put his finger on it in his blog post yesterday: The important thing here is to keep a limit on the number of viewpoint characters. Two … Continue reading

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