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Holiday Music: ‘Seasons Geekings’ by John Anealio

Looking for something new to listen to this holiday season? Tired of rockin’ around the Christmas tree? Bing Crosby not working for you anymore? Do you want holiday music that touches your inner geek? Look no further. Give a listen … Continue reading

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My Christmas Rituals

Head’s up: This is another Christmas-related post, hot on the heals of the one I wrote a few weeks ago. We’re well into December now, and it’s time for those “rituals” (for lack of a better word) that I at … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Realms of Fantasy’, October 2011

I’ve been a subscriber to Realms of Fantasy for a couple of years now, through two of its near-death experiences. A new issue in the mail is always a treat, and the current issue is exceptional. Unfortunately, it is also … Continue reading

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Halloween’s Over. It’s Christmastime!

I just read Mur Lafferty’s interesting examination of good and bad Christmas stories (well worth reading — check it out,) and it got me to thinking about a phenomenon we see every year, something that a lot of people complain … Continue reading

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The First Draft is Done!

I neglected to post that I finally finished the first draft of my ghost hunter novel two weeks ago. As you might imagine, it was quite a relief to get it done. This book took much longer than the last … Continue reading

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To Self-Publish or Not? That is the Question

Ever since I got back from Dragon*Con, I’ve been mulling over the possibility of getting into the self-published ebook game. Ebooks seem to be growing more popular by the hour, and more and more of my peers in the podcast … Continue reading

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Atoning for Dragon*Con at the Gym

As I relayed in mind-numbing detail in my last post, I was pretty busy at Dragon*Con this year (kind of like I am every year.) Dragon*Con is full of interesting people, informative panels, good music, costumes, shopping, and chances to … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con Wrap-Up (Long)

Okay, since Dragon*Con 2011 has been over for a week now, it’s probably well past time for my report on the annual gathering that I like to call “Geekstock.” As usual, it was an incredible time, and it seemed to … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Compulsive Book Collector

My name is Tim and I’m a compulsive book collector. There’s no point in denying it. There’s a pile tipping over in my closet. There are countless more in the basement. When I pop into my son’s bedrooms, I eye … Continue reading

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Dealing With a Setback

For those who might not know, I have a small freelance writing business. For the past three-plus years, I’ve written short articles for a web site related to my industry. It’s been a good gig, and it’s paid for me … Continue reading

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