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I’ve never collaborated with anyone on a fiction project before, and I’m not entirely sure what to expect. Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘A Christmas Carol’

It’s a classic fantasy story, with ghosts and time travel. It’s a story of hope and redemption, showing that there is good even in the worst of us, and no matter how badly you’ve messed up, there is always time to set things right. Continue reading

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Christmas Listening: ‘Merry Christmas From the Heartbreakers’ by Mur Lafferty

Mur writes a Christmas story every year for Escape Pod, but this one stands as my favorite, and I make a point of re-listening to it every December. Continue reading

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On Religion and Human Tragedy

Today, one preacher had a golden opportunity to reach out to his listeners and give them the warmth of God’s love. And he blew it. Continue reading

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How To Write a Great Book: It’s That Easy

If I can raise the stakes for my characters to a high enough point that readers will care, trace character arcs that change in reaction to the events of the story, and get the pacing right, I think I’ll produce a book worth reading. It’s that easy. Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: ‘Bloodroot’ by Amy Greene

This is a fine young writer whom we would all do well to emulate. Continue reading

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More on Query Letters

If you can’t clearly sum up the plot in a paragraph, your chances of getting the agent to ask for sample pages appear to be greatly reduced. Continue reading

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Special Halloween Episode: ‘The Raven’

Here’s a little spookesode, courtesy of one of my favorite characters and one of America’s greatest writers, Edgar Allan Poe Continue reading

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Book Trailer: ‘Toothless’ by J.P. Moore On Sale for Halloween!

Another podcast author goes to print. Continue reading

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Get Your Query Right

Gabrielle Harbowy, associate publisher for DMP and the person about to be deluged with queries from hopeful writers, has offered a helpful list of tips for how to write the queries. Continue reading

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