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My Heart is Broken Today

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The Great Agent Hunt is Underway

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve queried 13 literary agents about my ghost hunter novel. To date, I’ve heard back from four of them. Three were the all-to-familiear “dear author” email — this-project-is-not-right-for-us, etc. However, one did send a … Continue reading

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Nebula Award Nominees Announced

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America have announced the nominees for the 2013 Nebula Awards. If you’re a regular listener to Escape Pod and/or Podcastle, you’ll recognize a lot of names on the list — Saladin Ahmed, Tina … Continue reading

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Writing Critique Groups: This is For You

These are excellent questions for anyone critiquing a book or story to use, whether you’re a beta reader for a novel or the members of a critique group. I’m going to send them to the members of my group before … Continue reading

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Micro Short Story: A Dungeons & Dragons Christmas Story

This is a new story that I whipped up yesterday, for your holiday reading pleasure. A Dungeons & Dragons Christmas Story The situation looked hopeless. I was surrounded on all sides by a snarling horde. I had no magic spells … Continue reading

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Bless the Beasts and the Children

Like so many millions of others, I feel heartsick about the horrible events of December 14 in Newtown, Connecticut. It’s impossible to understand how someone could be evil enough to shoot a six year-old once, let alone multiple times. The … Continue reading

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The Importance of Backing Up

I’m going to state this up front for emphasis: Back up your important files. Repeat with me: Back up your important files. The last time I posted here was on November 2. Two days after that, I left for a … Continue reading

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10 Things I Love (and Hate) About Autumn

Halloween is over, and we’re in that uneasy period between the warm days of Indian summer and the frantic pace of the holiday season. I’m sitting in a Panera Bread restaurant not far from my office. The sky is an … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Relief Donations

Our neighbors in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey have had their worlds turned upside-down. If you’d like to learn more and donate a couple of bucks, just click on the widget below. Leave a Comment

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10 Books You Should Read About Elections

I saw something on TV the other day about there being an election next month. That kind of came from out of nowhere, didn’t it? You’d think somebody would have run a commercial on TV. How am I supposed to … Continue reading

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