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Writing As Investment

Dean Wesley Smith offers an interesting new perspective for writers: An Indie Publisher Investing Plan Step One: Set a Goal to Publish Something New Every Two Weeks. — It could be a short story or your latest book. It could … Continue reading

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Podcast Extra — Jennisodes Episode 79: Marketing

This podcast is essential listening if you are a writer, illustrator, musician, artist, or any other creative content producer who is trying to reach an audience. It’s from the Jennisodes podcast, which I discovered a couple of weeks ago. It’s … Continue reading

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Last Christmas Post, I Promise: Drabblecast 228

Okay, I know I said I’d stop the Christmas posts awhile back, and the holiday season is over, but last week’s episode of The Drabblecast was just too funny not to share. I played the intro and the drabble for … Continue reading

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What Will Happen in the Publishing World in 2012?

Happy New Year! At this time of year, we get a lot of “year in review” and “predictions for the new year” blog post. As someone who greets every new year with renewed hopes of getting a book published, I … Continue reading

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The Key To Marketing Your Writing

I really like this post by Rob Eagar from the Writers Digest There Are No Rules blog, especially this quote: Marketing isn’t about striking it rich with every activity you do. That’s an unrealistic expectation. You can’t expect perfection, but … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

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Free Download: ‘Santa Claus Got Eaten by the Kraken’ by Pandora Celtica

Regular readers of this blog are well aware of my propensity to gush about the music of a capella Celtic group Pandora Celtica. Now, just in time for Christmas Eve, they are offering a free download of a song from … Continue reading

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More Christmas Listening: ‘The Christmas Mummy’ by Heather Shaw & Tim Pratt

Last Christmas, I posted Mur Lafferty’s story Merry Christmas From the Heartbreakers in my feed because I love the story and wanted you all to have the chance to enjoy it, too. This year, I want to share another terrific … Continue reading

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Holiday Special Podcast: ‘A Christmas Carol’

Are you sick of me blogging about Christmas yet? I promise I’ll stop in about a week. Until then, I’m happy to unveil a little project I’ve been involved with. Douglas Welch of the Podcast Community on Facebook organized a … Continue reading

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Holiday Music: ‘Seasons Geekings’ by John Anealio

Looking for something new to listen to this holiday season? Tired of rockin’ around the Christmas tree? Bing Crosby not working for you anymore? Do you want holiday music that touches your inner geek? Look no further. Give a listen … Continue reading

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