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Check Out This Book Trailer

Pip is a shining example of what authors who give their fiction away as free podcasts can accomplish through determination and hard work. Continue reading

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Words of Comfort: I’m Not As Bad As I Could Be

Gabrielle’s blog post is reassuring because it reminds me that I probably did the query properly, that my sample pages were no worse than the average submission, and that I didn’t come off as a fool. Continue reading

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Real Writers Submit and Promote Their Work

While I still have a lot to learn about the craft of writing, I think I’m getting more skillful in the production of my work. At promoting and selling my work, not so much. Continue reading

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Top 10 Things I Love About Dragon*Con

Continuing my re-cap of Dragon*Con, here are the top 10 things I like about it. Continue reading

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Dragon*Con 2010: Costumes

I have concluded that there are two types of people who attend Dragon*Con: Those who seize those four days every Labor Day weekend to cast their inhibitions to the wind, put on the costume of their choice, and become someone else; and people who don’t, people whose idea of dressing up is a T-shirt with a funny logo on it. Continue reading

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Scott Sigler’s ANCESTOR In Stores Tomorrow

He’s ba-a-a-a-ck…and he wants to scare you. Badly. Yes folks, Scott Sigler, AKA the FDO, AKA General Siglerisimo, AKA Pope Siglericus XXX, hits bookstores again on June 22 with the hard cover release of ANCESTOR. Some of you may have … Continue reading

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A Few Good Minutes With P.G. Holyfield

INTRO — What I’ve been doing and why I’m not like Scott Sigler…Purgatory has been nominated for a Parsec Award!…I’m going to Balticon PROMO — Merciless Storytellers INTERVIEW with P.G. Holyfield, author of Murder At Avedon Hill PROMO — Murder … Continue reading

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Parsec Award Nominations Are Now Open!

Since 2006, the Parsec Awards have recognized outstanding work by talented podcasters in the speculative fiction realm. Presented every year at a ceremony during Dragon*Con in Atlanta, the Parsecs honor achievements in short and long fiction podcasting, audio dramas, music, … Continue reading

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The Boom Effect Auction, Feb. 27

To the extent you are able and inclined to buy something next Saturday, I heartily urge you to do so. Continue reading

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Listen to My Interview on ‘Podioracket’

Brian Rathbone of Podioracket interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. We had a great conversation. Check it out, along with his interviews with Spencer Baum and Starla Huchton. Continue reading

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