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Podcast Extra — Jennisodes Episode 79: Marketing

This podcast is essential listening if you are a writer, illustrator, musician, artist, or any other creative content producer who is trying to reach an audience. It’s from the Jennisodes podcast, which I discovered a couple of weeks ago. It’s … Continue reading

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The Key To Marketing Your Writing

I really like this post by Rob Eagar from the Writers Digest There Are No Rules blog, especially this quote: Marketing isn’t about striking it rich with every activity you do. That’s an unrealistic expectation. You can’t expect perfection, but … Continue reading

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To Self-Publish or Not? That is the Question

Ever since I got back from Dragon*Con, I’ve been mulling over the possibility of getting into the self-published ebook game. Ebooks seem to be growing more popular by the hour, and more and more of my peers in the podcast … Continue reading

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‘Geist’ Haunts Bookstores on Oct. 26

Tomorrow marks another milestone for authors who release their work via podcast. Philippa Ballantine, the author of Chasing the Bard, Digital Magic, and Weather Child, and the force behind the Parsec-nominated Erotica a la Carte, hits bookstore shelves with Geist, … Continue reading

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Check Out This Book Trailer

Pip is a shining example of what authors who give their fiction away as free podcasts can accomplish through determination and hard work. Continue reading

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Real Writers Submit and Promote Their Work

While I still have a lot to learn about the craft of writing, I think I’m getting more skillful in the production of my work. At promoting and selling my work, not so much. Continue reading

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