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Random Spec-Fic Geneology

Submitted for your consideration: A trail of speculative fiction movie connections. Starting with … Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), which starred, among others, Samuel L. Jackson, who also appeared in … Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the … Continue reading

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10 Books You Should Read About Elections

I saw something on TV the other day about there being an election next month. That kind of came from out of nowhere, didn’t it? You’d think somebody would have run a commercial on TV. How am I supposed to … Continue reading

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Here are some of the things that happened in the summer of 1961: Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris of the New York Yankees were in hot pursuit of Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record of 60. By July 25, Maris … Continue reading

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More on Query Letters

If you can’t clearly sum up the plot in a paragraph, your chances of getting the agent to ask for sample pages appear to be greatly reduced. Continue reading

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Episode #5 – Dressed To Die

This week’s story is a good old-fashioned murder mystery. Continue reading

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Video Promo: Murder At Avedon Hill

One of my favorite podcast novels today is P.G. Holyfield’s Murder At Avedon Hill. This is a unique combination of medieval fantasy, vampire horror and gumshoe detective story. Continue reading

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