Episode #37 – K.T. Bryski & HEARTSTEALER







An interview with author K.T. Bryski about her new novel HEARTSTEALER

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Episode #36 – Reading as a Writer

Live from Balticon 49 – a panel discussion on reading as a writer. I was joined on this panel by:

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Episode 35 – What Can We Learn From Bad Writing?

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Live from Balticon 49 – What Can We Learn From Bad Writing?

This is another panel discussion that I moderated in May 2015 at Balticon, featuring:

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Episode #34 – Live From Balticon – A Song of Ice and Fire: What’s the End Game?

A Song of Ice and Fire Hardcover

Live from Balticon 49! This is a panel discussion titled A Song of Ice and Fire: What’s the End Game? It featured Jay Buechler, Christiana Ellis, Nutty Nuchtchas and Jeff Young. SPOILER WARNING: Do not listen to this episode if you have not read all five books in the series and you care about being surprised.

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Tales from the Archives, Volume IV — Four — Down by the River









My short story Down by the River was featured last June in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Tales from the Archives podcast. A lot of great writers have been featured on that podcast, so it was a thrill for me to be in their company. I set this story in my hometown of Afton, New York in the 1890’s. Two of the characters were actual people from the village’s history. I had a lot of fun writing this. I hope you enjoy!


Episode #33 – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Part Two)


Part 2 of THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Read by Mike Vendetti

A LibriVox recording

Also available at www.archive.org

Episode #32 – Ferrett Steinmetz


An interview with Ferrett Steinmetz about his new novel FLEX. Language isn’t too rough, but we touch on some adult subjects. I recorded the intro and afterword, apparently, with my Zoom H2 a little closer to my mouth than necessary. There are a few spots of mild distortion that I couldn’t smooth out. I’ll be more careful next time.

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Web site: www.theferrett.com

Twitter: @ferretthimself


Episode #31 – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Part One)



Look for part 2 in the next episode.

Read by Mike Vendetti

This is a LibriVox recording

Also available at www.archive.org.

Episode #30 – Most of My Friends Are Two-Thirds Water

Most of My Friends Are Two-Thirds Water


Read by Lex Wilson

Reproduced under a Creative Commons Attirbution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license

I have been living in my father’s garage for a year and a half. My bed is surrounded by boxes of Christmas tree ornaments (his) and boxes of college textbooks (mine). We are pretending that I am writing a novel. I don’t pay rent. The novel will be dedicated to him. So far, I’ve finished the dedication page and the first three chapters. Really, what I do is sleep late, until he goes to work, and then I walk three miles downtown to the dollar movie theater that used to be a porn theater, the used bookstore where I stand and read trashy romance novels in the aisle. Sometimes I go to the coffeehouse where, in a few months, I am supposed to give a reading. The owner is a friend of my father’s and gives me coffee. I sit in the window and write letters. I go home, I fix dinner for my father, and then sometimes I write. Sometimes I watch TV. Sometimes I go out again. I go to bars and play pool with men that I couldn’t possibly bring home to my father. Sometimes I bring them back to his garage instead. I lure them home with promises of free underwear.

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Episode #29 – Abigail Hilton and the Business of Writing

HiltonA discussion about the business side of writing with Abigail Hilton, author of The Prophet of Panamindorah, The Guild of the Cowry Catchers series, the Malachi series and Hunters Unlucky. We talk about the business side of the writing vocation

00:00 – Happy New Year … I’ve been doing a lot of non-fiction freelance writing … the current novel has a surplus of main characters and lack-of-outline issues … I’m not traveling as much these days
00:10 – A good conversation with Abbie Hilton
00:49 – Wrap up … visit www.purgatorynovel.com to learn more about my novel PURGATORY … more podcast goodness to come soon

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