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Episode #18 — Patrick Hester


An interview with author and podcaster Patrick Hester

00:00:00 – How do you make time for geek activities?
00:04:04 – Promo: SUBVERSION by John Mierau
00:05:02 – Patrick Hester interview
01:22:40 – Promo: The Dunesteef
01:23:47 – Wrap up

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Music: Chipper Doodle and Wallpaper by Kevin MacLeod (

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Episode #17 – Interview With Veronica Giguere

Veronic Giguere

  • A discussion of Lauren Harris’s recent blog post “Does Talent Matter?” and why my writing career isn’t as far along as I’d like
  • Promo: All Games Considered
  • An interview with voice actress, narrator and aspiring Ph.D. candidate Veronica Giguere
  • Promo: Toasted Cake
  • The topic I forgot to ask Veronica about

Find Veronica online:


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