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Episode #27 – Ryan Hanley and Google Plus







An interview with Ryan Hanley about why and how creative people should be using Google Plus.

  • 00:00 Welcome back … About Ryan Hanley … I’ve done a poor job marketing my novel PURGATORY … I have a lot to learn about effective marketing … I forgot to configure Google Plus to use my Zoom H2 as the microphone, so the sound quality on my end is not as good as usual.
  • 05:27 Promo: The Full of Sith Podcast
  • 05:58 Ryan Hanley, his son Duke and I talk Google Plus
  • 48:26 Promo: The Dunesteef
  • 49:02 How to get in touch with me and get a copy of PURGATORY

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Watch the video of the interview:

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