Episode #8 — Interview With Rubiee from Pandora Celtica

I am tickled pink about this episode because I got to interview Rubiee, one of the singers in my favorite Celtic music band, Pandora Celtica. I first heard them at Dragon*Con 2010, and they’ve been on my iPod ever since. We talk about their music, the recently-concluded Kickstarter campaign, stories behind some of the songs, what their recording sessions are like, and their upcoming schedule of appearances.

During the course of the interview, you will hear me mention a song that I thought was titled Admiral Taylor. Rubiee suggested that I meant General Taylor, a song from their first CD. Actually, the song I was referring to is Admiral Nelson, a clip of which you will hear in the interview. It is a well-prepared podcaster who gets song titles right.

In addition to the song clips and musical discussion, we touched on:

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  1. Chaz Kemp says:

    Heya Tim – how are you? This is Chaz or ShadowCat of Pandora Celtica and I just want to thank you so very much for interviewing Rubiee and for being a fan of our music.

    Just so your listeners know – just last night Pandora Celtica won the Colorado Irish Festival Battle of the Celtic Bands! We get to perform on their main stage July 14th 2012. We’re very tired but very, very happy!! Thanks again for your podcast and we absolutely look forward to seeing you at DragonCon!

    You rock, Tim!!! :grin:

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