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TimI am a middle-aged guy who prefers to think younger. I am the author of two podcast novels, Acts of Desperation and Purgatory. Because I have been unsuccessful in getting these books in print the conventional way, I am in the midst of the self-publishing project. I enjoy reading and writing, running, playing my guitar, and watching sports (I am, however, somewhat dangerous at sports; most people don’t have to obtain a weapon permit for their golf clubs.) I live in my favorite place in the U.S.A., which is Central New York, where you can drive anywhere in less than a half hour, enjoy all four seasons in the space of a few days, and enjoy the city and the country any day you want, depending on your mood.

I’m doing this podcast because I love talking to people about what they do, I love exposing people to stories and other creative pursuits that they didn’t know about before, and I love being part of the podcast community. Plus, I bought a Zoom H2 digital recorder and have to justify the cost. I hope you’ll join me on this tour of the creative minds all around us.

And always look on the geek side of life.


  1. Kay Archer Vail says:

    Hi Tim

    I see your expertise as an Afton Cental School Journalist and Communicator lives on. Just saying HI. I think I’ll send this on to Johanna Shogan! Looks like you are doing well! You are a runner? My son just completed his third marathon in the form of his second Marine Corps Marathon. Great to see you here. Are you doing long distance running?

    • Tim says:

      It’s great to hear from you! I’m not quite at the marathon running stage yet. My longest race has been four miles. Not sure I’ll ever feel ready to run 26.

      I hope you like this Web site/podcast. I also have a blog at http://www.timdodgestories.com. Please give my best to Mrs. Shogan!


  2. Johanna Shogan says:

    OH Tim,

    You still have that great smile…and I’ll never forget your saying to me under your breath…”take heart…it’s only a few more minutes…” at some latest craziness that entered Room 307

    I’m so glad you are writing…I have co-written a book with three colleagues about ways to engage kids in higher level thinking across the content areas…I’m in Delmar near Albany, NY…we are getting about 10 inches of snow right now…perfect for snowballs, snow forts, snowmen…not so good for driving…I work with the univers at Albany….working with teachers in schools…

    So great to see you on line! Are you ever in touch with your great compatriot of the time, Elton?

    All the best! Happy New Year!


    • Tim says:

      I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. Thank you so much for visiting my site! I have not seen Elton in years; he lives in Macon, Georgia now. We do follow each other on Facebook, though.

      That’s great about your book. Are you planning to write another? I’ve written four novels, but PURGATORY is the only one in print right now. Self-publishing is really quite easy, but time-consuming. I hold out hope for getting published in the traditional manner, but the competition is stiff.

      I’m glad to hear you’re well. If you’re interested, my main Web site is http://www.timdodgestories.com, which is where you can find my blog. Please keep in touch! Happy New Year!


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