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Episode #26 – Music

tunesAn all-music episode! Half a dozen songs that I really like.

00:00 Welcome to The Geek Side of Life!

01:36 Red Wedding (Beth Kinderman & the Player CharactersPurchase

06:28 Monahan’s Mudders Milk (Marc GunnPurchase

09:45 Best Game Ever (Mikey MasonPurchase

14:51 The Empire State (John AnealioPurchase

19:49 Jedi Drinking Song (Brobdingnagian BardsPurchase

25:06 High School Paycheck (Live version) (DriftwoodPurchase

30:38 Promo: The FUMP

32:38 See you next time!

All music used under Creative Commons licenses. Learn more at www.creativecommons.org.

Support these fine artists by purchasing some of their music today! (Disclosure: I don’t make any money off your music purchases. I just get to hear these folks make more good music.)

What do you think of these tunes? Leave your opinions in the comments.

Episode #4 — Interview With John Anealio

The second Geek Side of Life interview is a really fun interview with multi-talented musician John Anealio. This guy writes music, records the songs by playing all the instruments and singing all the vocal parts, performs live, does a weekly conversational podcast, The Functional Nerds (which I highly recommend for workouts at the gym), teaches music to young school kids, and not incidentally is a husband and dad. He’s clearly someone who has mastered the art of sleeping faster. I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. John’s contact information:

I’d love to receive any comments or questions you have about the interview. Sing away in the comments section!

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