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Episode #37 – K.T. Bryski & HEARTSTEALER







An interview with author K.T. Bryski about her new novel HEARTSTEALER

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Episode #25 – Chatting With K.T. Bryski

K.T. Bryski

K.T. Bryski

An interview with author K.T. Bryski about a different kind of writing project that she undertook, her works in progress, the joys of rewriting a novel four times, and her new academic adventure.

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Episode #11 — Interview With K.T. Bryski

I interview author K.T. Bryski about her soon-to-be-released novel and podcast, HAPAX.

What I’ve been up to — a new short story — experiment with writing for games — book bloggers — Facebook page —  getting back to regular blogging — search for more freelance work — ghost hunter novel is with beta readers — planning future episodes

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Interview with K.T. Bryski

Promo: Hapax

K.T. Bryski’s contact information

Web site: ktbryski.com
Twitter: @ktbryski
E-mail: ktbryski(at)gmail.com

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