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Episode #26 – Music

tunesAn all-music episode! Half a dozen songs that I really like.

00:00 Welcome to The Geek Side of Life!

01:36 Red Wedding (Beth Kinderman & the Player CharactersPurchase

06:28 Monahan’s Mudders Milk (Marc GunnPurchase

09:45 Best Game Ever (Mikey MasonPurchase

14:51 The Empire State (John AnealioPurchase

19:49 Jedi Drinking Song (Brobdingnagian BardsPurchase

25:06 High School Paycheck (Live version) (DriftwoodPurchase

30:38 Promo: The FUMP

32:38 See you next time!

All music used under Creative Commons licenses. Learn more at www.creativecommons.org.

Support these fine artists by purchasing some of their music today! (Disclosure: I don’t make any money off your music purchases. I just get to hear these folks make more good music.)

What do you think of these tunes? Leave your opinions in the comments.

Episode #14 — Interview With Dr. Mary Crowell

Dr. Mary Crowell Acolytes of the Machine

An interview with filk singer-songwriter Dr. Mary Crowell about her new CD Acolytes of the Machine and her multiple other musical projects.

Find Mary Crowell online:

Official Web site



 Buy her CD’s:

Acolytes of the Machine

Courting My Muse

Third Thyme’s the Charm (with Three Weird Sisters)

Play It With Moxie Live! (with Play It With Moxie)

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Episode #8 — Interview With Rubiee from Pandora Celtica

I am tickled pink about this episode because I got to interview Rubiee, one of the singers in my favorite Celtic music band, Pandora Celtica. I first heard them at Dragon*Con 2010, and they’ve been on my iPod ever since. We talk about their music, the recently-concluded Kickstarter campaign, stories behind some of the songs, what their recording sessions are like, and their upcoming schedule of appearances.

During the course of the interview, you will hear me mention a song that I thought was titled Admiral Taylor. Rubiee suggested that I meant General Taylor, a song from their first CD. Actually, the song I was referring to is Admiral Nelson, a clip of which you will hear in the interview. It is a well-prepared podcaster who gets song titles right.

In addition to the song clips and musical discussion, we touched on:

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Episode #4 — Interview With John Anealio

The second Geek Side of Life interview is a really fun interview with multi-talented musician John Anealio. This guy writes music, records the songs by playing all the instruments and singing all the vocal parts, performs live, does a weekly conversational podcast, The Functional Nerds (which I highly recommend for workouts at the gym), teaches music to young school kids, and not incidentally is a husband and dad. He’s clearly someone who has mastered the art of sleeping faster. I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. John’s contact information:

I’d love to receive any comments or questions you have about the interview. Sing away in the comments section!

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